Lane Shivley, EIT

Lane Shivley, EIT

Lane is an engineer in training and a proud University of Colorado at Boulder grad. At DL Engineering Inc., Lane works on a variety of projects including single family custom homes, additions, decks, garages, and retaining walls. His favorite types of projects to work on are new builds/home additions. He really enjoys helping people’s visions come to life, whether that means improving upon what they already have or building something new. His favorite project that he’s worked on was a home addition in Denver. The original home was around 685 sqft and DL Engineering Inc. added a two-story 1,300 sqft addition to accommodate the growing family. This was the first project of this scope and size that he worked on and it really made him flex his creative muscles to figure out how some of the pieces were going to fit together.

Outside of work, Lane enjoys playing video games and being active outside, whether it’s wakeboarding, lake surfing, camping or hiking in the summer, or snowboarding in the winter.  He really enjoys just getting outside and enjoying the beautiful state he lives in.

Loves: Spending time with family and friends

Hates: Wind (ruins all outdoor activities)

Would most like to meet: Nikola Tesla

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